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Palazzo San Giorgio, Genova

San Giorgio, the first bank in history

It was the office of Simon Boccanegra, the first Doge of the Republic of Genoa (the one to whom Giuseppe Verdi’s opera is dedicated), it was the prison of Marco Polo, in 1407 it hosted the Banchi di San Giorgio, thus creating the first modern bank in the world, then it became the seat of the main Italian port.
Since 1260, the year of its construction, it has been a treasure chest of ineffable joys for lovers of history and art.
Palazzo San Giorgio is one of the most famous historical buildings in the city, on the seafront of the ancient city. Today it is the seat of the Western Ligurian Sea Port System Authority.
It is for this load of history that we have chosen it as the location of C1A0. For its splendor, for its beauty and for its being a symbol of greatness. Because it reminds us what Genoa has been in the world and to awaken its memory looking to the future. Because we like the contrast between the frescoes and the ancient rooms and the contemporaneity in which we move.