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The Program

Here is the programme of C1A0 EXPO 2020 online edition. Appointment on 27 November with international level speakers. Sign up here: https://bit.ly/3nh0MaR

C1A0 at Coffeetech

On Friday 23rd October C1A0 EXPO will be the protagonist of the Coffeetech of the Digital Innovation Hub Liguria, the weekly appointment with innovation for...
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Call4Energy extended

There is time until 31 October 2020 to participate in the C1A0 Call4Energy, dedicated to new businesses and start-ups. Objective: to stimulate and support the...
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The call for new energy-related ideas is open until 31 October. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or an innovative start-up? The C1a0 Call4Energy is addressed...
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C1A0 EXPO program

The C1A0 EXPO program is on the website. You can consult it to find out who will be the important guests of the fair about AI!

C1A0 Hackathon

Do you know you can win 8,000 euros? How? With the 24-hour marathon dedicated to the theme of electricity: it's C1A0 hackathon!

The DataScienceSeed Meetup

Within the C1A0 EXPO programme, the tenth DataScienceSeed Meetup will take place, with three speakers speaking at national level about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning....
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