John Xavier Clinic: the first C1A0 Advocate

Is the first of C1A0’s advocates and is helping us to spread the event through its developer community.
Clin John Xavier is 23 years old and studies computer science at the University of Genoa.
He is currently focusing on his personal projects to improve his skills and learn new things.
He is designing and developing websites for various foundations and local activities, as well as founding the Programming Bits developer community on IG (instagram).

What’s in your future?
I chose IT to have a skill that allows me to create something of my own to help people. During lockdown I started working on my own social project, but it is still confidential.

How did the community idea come about?
By chance. I had just started university and looking for a community of developers I saw that there was no group where I could write and get an answer, the pages I found were full of spam. So I decided to create a meme page that was fun but also educational. Now programming_bits is community with people from all over the world: on IG it has 22k followers, but there is also a group on whatsapp where there are about 231 developers and programmers.
Now there is also another guy who helps me with story quizzes, and I met him in the community.
Created as open source, we are currently raising some revenue through advertising. We try to improve every day, but we’re not only interested in likes: in addition to meme we also want to publish useful things, news, technical advice. The professors advise students to follow the page and answer quizzes, for us it is a great satisfaction.

What do you like about C1A0?
I am very interested in the space that has been given to start-ups and the various initiatives to raise awareness of artificial intelligence, which is still little known to the general public.
I think C1A0 is a great opportunity for everyone, even for students, because it is a free and accessible event for everyone.
I would suggest to open it to an international audience, perhaps by holding the event in English.

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