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Francesco Cricchio wins the C1A0 hackaton

At the end of the 24-hour challenge, Francesco Cricchio won the Hackathon, held at the historic headquarters of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce. A competition on the theme of energy proposed by the main sponsor Iren, with 10 teams that challenged each other with lines of code and algorithms. Thanks to the support of OpenSearchNetwork, which provided the platform for the competition, it was possible to view in real time the ranking, which, apart from a few minutes during the night, has seen Francesco Cricchio always in the lead.

The storm of rain and lightning during the night did not distract the teams who almost never took their eyes off their monitors. In the morning tired eyes accompanied the presentation of the work done by the different teams between strategies and appreciations.

The prize-giving ceremony, held within the C1A0 EXPO programme, saw Francesco Cricchio receive the €8,000 prize awarded by Iren; the team led by Giorgio Rossi, who came in second place, received €1,500 from Avanade and finally, to win €1,000 in training vouchers from Digital Tree, was Andrea Ranieri’s team.

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