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C1A0 Brand

C1A0 Brand

Two orange circles enclosing an eye. It is the sunny and attractive symbol of C1A0.
The creativity is by Gaetano Grizzanti, founder and CEO of Univisual and Brand Identity expert.
C1A0 is an EXPO that promotes and shares one of the themes around which the discussion is most alive at the moment: artificial intelligence. And it does so with a double soul: commercial and pop. If on the one hand it has been conceived as an exhibition to give a tangible space to Italian and international big-companies and start-ups, on the other hand it was born as a cultural showcase that addresses not only specialists, but especially the general public and the media, through conferences, debates, meetings and workshops.

What is the inspiration for the symbol

The symbol, consisting of two intertwined circles that draw the shape of an eye – this last made more evident by a smaller circle in the centre, black, to represent the pupil – is the iconic element of the C1A0 brand.
The two orange circles represent the sun moving in a loop from sunrise to sunset, to evoke emotions of sunshine and provoke feelings of vitality, brightness and clarity. When something is “sunny” it is not only vivid but also clear, as in the expression “as clear as the sun”: just as it is evident that artificial intelligence is and will increasingly be an indispensable part of our lives. It is not by chance that the figure of the eye focuses attention on the human component which, undeniably, must guide every form of artificial intelligence at the service of the individual and the well-being of the person. Graphically we have obtained a logo with an intriguing sign impact, with a mood close to that of digital emoticons.

The identity and the name C1A0

The naming – Ci-Uno-A-Zero – is a mixture of verbal and visual expression. Visually you can recognize the Italian “ciao“, the informal greeting known and used all over the world. The lettering uses an alphanumeric composition, where the letter “i” is typographically transformed into the number “one” and the letter “O” into the number “zero”.
The aim was to defend the values of the “technical-scientific” sphere, evoked by the presence of numbers at the base of the binary code, through a friendly and confidential key. The two vowels in the middle of the word “1A”, reading the number 1 as letter i, make up the abbreviation of Artificial Intelligence. It was essential to identify a nominal mechanism that had an emotional component that would also appeal to the general public. The difference of this event, in fact, compared to others, lies in the intention to address not only the business world that uses Artificial Intelligence, but above all the non-experts.
In order to identify a name that was not technical or descriptive of the sector to which this event belongs, in favour of a more evocative expression, we looked for a brand that would be able to interest people.
As a last strategic component, the appeal to the Italian spirit towards the rest of the world, both to mark an excellent representation of our country and to communicate the value of an initiative relevant to the scientific universe and industrial districts.
C1A0 EXPO is a Made in Italy fair but with an absolutely international vision.

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