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C1A0 EXPO 2020: a success for the online edition

A success for C1A0 EXPO 2020 online edition, with more than 200 participants and international guests: it confirms itself as one of the most important event on artificial intelligence, in this edition related to climate change. During the speeches the new situations opened by the context of climate change have been explored, trying to understand the decisive role that artificial intelligence has in the definition of strategies and solutions.

This edition was the teaser that will lead to the edition in spring 2021. The goal of C1A0 Expo in the medium term is to make Genoa a center of technological innovation for artificial intelligence. A purpose that will be achieved by building a network of companies and realities active in this sector in Liguria. As the councillor for economic development of Regione Liguria Andrea Benveduti has underlined, the ambition is to make Genoa a leader in the sector: Genoa could be one of the top of a hypothetical new “industrial triangle” with Milan and Turin, a triangle based on artificial intelligence, robotics and innovation at the service of man and the planet.

During the event Call4Space was launched in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency, which participates in the Steering Committee of C1A0: the competition is addressed to Italian startups dealing with space assets and artificial intelligence applications. The winner will have the opportunity to participate at the SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit, one of the main international events organized in Houston, USA.

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