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Biki technologies wins the call4startup

 The challenge led by the well-known deejay Gianluca Gazzoli and won by Biki Technologies was a competition between startups developing artificial intelligence. Each startup had 5 minutes for the presentation and another 5 minutes to answer the jury’s questions. The competition saw the challenge of innovative ideas and products that cover a particular variety of fields of application.

Among these was the Biki Life Sciences software that offers innovative solutions in the field of Life Sciences, developed by Biki Technologies, which won the €10,000 prize offered by the organization. This start up was born in 2014 and it  is a spin-off of the IIT formed by a multidisciplinary team of software engineers, computational chemists and biochemists.

On the second step of the podium came ZenArmonics, startup in the field of music. To them the prize of 3.000€ in voucher put up for grabs by Digital Tree.

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