Artificial Intelligence Exposition

15th - 16th November 2019
Palazzo San Giorgio, Genoa

C1A0 Expo – Accessible Innovation is the international exhibition dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and it will be held in Genoa , in the prestigious location of Palazzo San Giorgio, on 15th- 16th November 2019


C1A0 EXPO program

The C1A0 EXPO program is on the website. You can consult it to find out who will be the important guests of the fair about AI!


Main topics:

  • Ethics
  • Work & Education
  • Applications in everyday life


Designed for the B2B world

  • The vision of the tech Giants 
  • The point of view of Researchers 
  • Technological demos 


It will host training workshops on: 

  • Big Data and Marketing 
  • Robotics and human-machine interactions 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 


Palazzo San Giorgio, Genoa - Italy


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