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-100 days to C1A0 expo

-100 days to the first edition of C1A0, launch garage version of an international expo whose main topic is the AI sector. The goal is ambitious: Genoa is increasingly being characterized as a city of technological innovation and we are creating the natural conditions for it to be recognized as the capital of artificial intelligence. The theme we have chosen for 2019 is “The impact of artificial intelligence on the society of the future”. Because the future is today, artificial intelligence is already a reality and it is already in everyone’s lives and perhaps we do not fully grasp its scale. C1A0 expo is one of the first international fairs completely dedicated to this topic and it is divided into three parts, corresponding exactly to the spaces inside the historic location of Palazzo San Giorgio that will host the event: the exhibition – experiential part will include tech areas with demos and workshops, to let visitors touch with their own hands what AI is and experience it in its different fields of application. The Arena is dedicated to the business world for panels and B2B meetings and shared spaces for AI-Powered startups, to stimulate contamination between the various actors. The Tech Garden will host training workshops dedicated to professionals, students and new generations.
We look forward to seeing you in Genoa on 15-16 November 2019.